Fernando Gallegos
photographer - photo editor

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photographer - photo editor

Selected Works


The Infinite Corridor
contando cruces
Some Things Out There

(as editor/designer)

carpoolers (I - IV)
before the war
rivers of power
por lo que peleamos
carretera nacional
a guide to infrastructure and corruption
santa barbara (series)
we love our employees
los sumergidos
a small guide to homeownership
suburban bus
my dreamhouse is not a house
el retrato de tu ausencia



por lo que peleamos

this book was thought as a piece for an exhibition in which 3000 copies were put as a sculpture in the center of a gallery room. it was an interesting one, it’s formed with a selection of images from a number of projects that Cartagena made on the sites of different social struggles related to urban planing and the concerns of the inhabitants of those spaces. the idea of it being a newspaper was part of Alejandro’s idea for the “sculpture”, in a way, the newspapers as objects are the piece, but each newspaper contains this collection of images that work as maps of a specific social conflict. separated in sections by conflict, I tried to find the logic of each one, some are traditional landscapes, some are more detail oriented, some are more “matter of fact” some are more contemplative and poetic, each conflict has its own logic in terms of editing and sequencing and the book becomes some kind of roadtrip through Mèxico in which everywhere you go, you see conflict. 

por lo que peleamos by Alejandro Cartagena

photographs by Alejandro Cartagena
edited/designed by Fernando Gallegos and Alejandro Cartagena
graphic design by Ana Briseño
edition of 3000