Fernando Gallegos
photographer - photo editor

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photographer - photo editor

Selected Works


The Infinite Corridor
contando cruces
Some Things Out There

(as editor/designer)

carpoolers (I - IV)
before the war
rivers of power
por lo que peleamos
carretera nacional
a guide to infrastructure and corruption
santa barbara (series)
we love our employees
los sumergidos
a small guide to homeownership
suburban bus
my dreamhouse is not a house
el retrato de tu ausencia



rivers of power

a book about the cyclical nature of disaster and corruption. this was an interesting one for me, i remember thinking that the book should feel like a line that somehow ends where it begins, so a front cover and back cover didn’t make too much sense for it. we decided to put the coverless book inside a hard cardboard box so that the book itself feels flexible and to some extent as if there’s no beginning or end. the sequence is made by archive images from the Monterrey’s fototeca and images made by Alejandro over the course of 10 years, all with the topic of the Santa Catarina river at the center but explored in different ways, from snapshots to large camera images of the river at different years and states of destruction. the publisher was NEWWER, a short-lived experiment that i always thought had some promise, but as most book endeavours was dificult to mantain. i like the way this book feels like sitting back on the couch on a rainy day thinking about and remembering our history with the city of Monterrey and rain, rivers and corruption.
rivers of power by Alejandro Cartagena

Designed and edited by Fernando Gallegos and Alejandro Cartagena
Introduction by Ximena Peredo
Essay by Gonzalo Ortega
Editorial design by Communal
Co Published by NEWWER and Alejandro Cartagena
Softcover in Box
490 Trade copies
144 pages, 23x30cm
Printed in Spain at Palermo
Prepress by La Troupe
ISBN 978-0-9966697-1-9